Group Packet Pick-Up

If you are picking up packets for a group of people (4 or more), you can submit the names of those you are picking up for and we will try to prepare the bundle in advance. Be sure and let us know what DAY and TIME of scheduled packet pick-up you will be coming by.

Before filling out the form below, be sure that you have THE EXACT NAME EACH PERSON REGISTERED UNDER, not their bib name, nickname, maiden or married name if it was not used to register. Also be sure that EVERY PERSON YOU LIST BELOW IS REGISTERED. Yes, it has happened, we have been asked for packets when a runner never actually registered.

The deadline to submit your request for group packet pick-up is Oct. 17, 2017 at 5pm, no matter what day you plan to pick up. If you miss the deadline you can still pick up multiple packets, we just won’t have time to gather them for you in advance.

Please list the names of people you will be picking up for, Last name then First name, and their Bib Number from the posted Bib List (usually linked on the Home page). This should be the EXACT NAME they registered under (not bib name or nickname, be mindful of maiden and married names etc).