Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if I already registered for this race?
If you are an RAS Member and always use your membership email and password to check out, you can go here: and use the login for Returning Members. Once you have logged in, you will find a link at the top of the page that says My Account. There you can view your orders. NOTE: You will not be able to change any of the runner information, for that you will need to contact us using the Contact form on any of our websites.

What is the time limit?
2 hours (strictly enforced*).
*Bridge races involve special permission and cooperation by local authorities, police and emergency response, and impact motor vehicle traffic. In order to keep doing these races we must comply with the limits set by those agencies. Runners who are trailing far behind may not be allowed back on the Causeway Bridge to return to the finish line. You will not be allowed back on the Causeway from Tiki past 8:45 AM

Is there a time limit that I have to be back on the Causeway Bridge?
Yes. 8:45 a.m. If you have not left Tiki Island and are on the Causeway Bridge by this time, you will not be allowed to complete the race.

Is the event chip timed?

What if I forget my chip or bib at home?
If you lose your bib or forget it at home there will be a $10 charge to reissue you a new bib.

The shirt in my packet doesn’t fit, can I exchange it for a different size?
We post deadlines for both bib name and shirt size selection, and order shirts in advance according to what you selected if you register by those deadlines. We estimate the remainder. If we have any extras after the race you are welcome to exchange, but if the race fills, extras for exchange are unlikely.

Where is Packet Pick-Up?
Check out the Packet Pick-Up  page for details.

Where do we park?
Parking is limited! No parking at START/FINISH. PLEASE CONSIDER CARPOOLING IF POSSIBLE! Satellite parking is available next to the Galveston County Courthouse (600 59th St, Galveston, TX 77551). Shuttle transportation from the satellite parking lot will be available to transport runners to the start/finish line starting at 5:30AM.
Click here for Race Day Instructions including Satellite Parking directions and map.

Can I register at packet pickup or on Race Day?
Registration is available at packet pickup and Race Day,  as long as there are slots open. However, you will not be given a shirt until after the race if available.

Do you accept credit cards at Packet Pick-up and race day registration?

What is the minimum age requirement and do you need a parents or guardian’s consent to participate?
The minimum age for the 10K is 6 years, and we do need the signature of a consenting parent or guardian.

Can I pick up my friend’s packet?
Yes you can. Check out the Info page for details of where and when.

Will there be race day packet pick-up?
See the Info page for location and dates/times for packet pick-up. We highly recommend packet pickup be completed on one of the designated days. However, we realized it may be impossible for a few people to pickup their packet at the official times. We will have limited packet pickup the morning of the race.

Race day packet pickup and race day registration (credit card accepted) are available starting at 6AM. Race day registration is available as long as there are slots open. However, you will not be given a shirt until after the race if available.

I registered but couldn’t make it, can I get a refund or defer my registration to next year?
There is NO RAINCHECK for this event. Your entry fee for this year’s event CANNOT be transferred to next year’s event, and there are NO REFUNDS, no exceptions. This policy stays in effect whether you are injured, have an unexpected business or family emergency, pregnancy, etc. There are NO exceptions. Seriously.

I registered but couldn’t make it – I know there are no refunds, what are my options?
You can donate your entry to charity, you will get a cash donation receipt. Just let us know!
Or you can transfer your entry to another person for a $10 administrative fee, contact us to do so. Please note, if you are doing the Texas Bridge Series, you will not be eligible for the TBS extra item if you do not personally run all three races.

Free transfer allowed until 9/19/17. $10 fee 9/20/17 to 10/17/17. $15 to transfer at Packet Pick-up, $25 fee for race day bib transfer.

PLEASE NOTE that there is an immediate disqualification for anyone who runs under another person’s bib other than the person of record.

I paid my registration fee but couldn’t attend the race. Can you mail my race packet to me or can I pickup my packet after the race?
No. All unclaimed race packets will be given to late registrants at the race.

I left early, but it looks like I won an award. Can you mail it to me?
No, we do not mail out awards after the race. You may be able to pick up your award at a designated location, usually one of the packet pick-up spots. Check with us via the Contact form.

What type of race shirt will I receive?
A technical shirt.

Where do I get my timing chip?
Timing chip is attached to your bib.

Where do I find the starting point of the race?
Start and Finish at the Galveston County Daily News. Click here for Course Map (PDF)

Will aid stations include port-a-potties?
Yes, There will be port-a-potties at all aid stations, and at the start and finish.

What are your contingency plans for bad weather?
Rain– The event will NOT be cancelled due to rain alone unless the downpour is such that athletes, police, and volunteers lose visibility making situations unsafe. If this occurs we will wait until the rain subsides and follow the same procedure listed for lightning conditions (minus the 30-minute rule). Athletes will be informed of such a change via announcements on race morning.

Lightning – In the event of lightning the race will be postponed by 30 minutes every time lightning is spotted and thunder is heard within 6 miles of the event. Please note that every time lightning strikes and thunder is heard within 6 miles of the race site we must delay the start by 30 minutes.

Tornado Warning – If at any time before (race morning close to start time) or during the event, a tornado warning is issued, the race will be cancelled.

On Course Cancellation – If the race is cancelled due to storms (lightning and/or excessive rain) or tornado warnings while it is in progress we will do everything in our power to alert everyone on the course. All police, SAG, and medical personnel will be made aware and do all they can to warn and SAG in all participants. We will also do everything in our power to assist those that are still on course. Those that are on course without means of rescue should seek immediate shelter via open stores, buildings, garages, homes and/or any other means of protection from the dangerous conditions. If it gets worse and we are not there to help you off the course please do everything you can to keep yourself safe and take shelter.

Because of agreements with the Texas Department of Transportation and various municipalities regarding a fixed amount of time to have roads closed or in use or the time of public safety or law enforcement officials, Running Alliance Sport, at any time, reserves the right to shorten the distance of any of its races to comply, especially in dealing with inclement weather conditions that may make any course unavailable or unsuitable for runner participation.

Where can I stay or eat in Galveston?
For a list of lodgings and restaurants, check out GALVESTON.COM

Are walkers allow in the race?
Walkers are welcome! However, you must be able to average a 19-20 min/mile pace for the race. A 2-hour time limit for all participants will be strictly enforced!

Can I run with a baby jogger/stroller?
Unfortunately the bridge is too crowded to maintain runner safety and allow for strollers, please do not bring them.

Can I wear my headphones?
The RRCA (our insurance provider) has a written guideline against the use of personal music devices in running events, as such we strongly discourage the use of headphones in our races.

Can I participate with my wheelchair?
We’re sorry, at this time the race is not insured for wheelchair racing.

Is there an elevation map available?
Course is flat sea level with the exception of the bridge. 72′ high and 3 1/2% grade.

What type of age group awards are available?
Yes there will be awards, five years, three deep.

Will there be a non water drink available at the aid stations?
Yes, it will be Lemon Lime Gatorade.

Are there any special offers?
The Texas Bridge Series! Run all three Bridge races – Kemah (Toughest 10K), Fred Hartman (La Porte Half Marathon), and the Galveston Causeway (The Toughest 10K Galveston) and you will get a commemorative medal!

I have a question about the Texas Bridge Series?
Have you checked the Texas Bridge Series web page?

Why does all this seem strangely familiar?
We are Running Alliance Sport, the same folks that brought you the Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon and The Toughest 10K as well as other great races! Our motto is, For Runners, by Runners!